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How To Submit Your Website to Google Search Engine (website that we've created for free)

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Frankfurt am Main, DGI, Password 20 9 [to appear]. Machill, M.

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Seuss, D. Computers In Libraries Conference, March , Sherman, C. Guardian Unlimited 6. Medford, NJ: Information Today. Search for a phrase To search for an exact, complete phrase and not just its constituent words, put it in quotation marks. Get more specific by excluding certain words from your search.

How to Search the Internet Effectively

Use your own words If you visit Google. In Google Chrome, go to the Google homepage, click the microphone icon top , and start talking. Whatever you say appears on screen bottom , followed shortly thereafter by matching search results.

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Convert, calculate, and more You can also use Google to find all sorts of information besides lists of webpages. Learn from the source A great place to learn dozens of additional tips for using Google is Google itself. Try a metasearch If you frequently need to search across multiple engines and, perhaps, on highly specific databases that store information not indexed in general-purpose public search engines , you might be a good candidate for DevonAgent Pro 4 out of 5 rating , which can query many sites and services at once and summarize search results in a way that exposes connections between related concepts.