The Murders of Richard III

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This book is set at a weekend retreat of Ricardians, who have gathered to reveal new evidence that they believe will finally exonerate Richard III of the murders of his nephews. With the media descending someone begins to recreate the murders attributed to Richard III.

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I read the book because Elizabeth Peters is one of my favorite authors. But, while the book is entertaining, it caused me to question my assumptions about Richard III.

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Not what I expected when I picked up Ms. Peters book for a few hours of entertainment! For those of you who are well versed in Ricardian lore this book will not be a source of education as it was for me but you just might enjoy the humorous and engaging read. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Search the Site:. Follow KingRichardA. King Richard Fan Art. Zazzle - International Links here. All Rights Reserved. Delving into the Source Book, one finds contemporary comments regarding Richard's role in the murders with, for instance, Guillaume de Rochefort, chancellor of France, writing that they were "put to death with impunity and the royal crown transferred to their murderer".

Richard III

Caspar Weirich of Danzig states that Richard "had his brother's children killed and the queen secretly put away". English accounts likewise point the finger at Richard, for example, John Rous stating "he killed him Edward V together with his brother" and the Great Chronicle of London reporting "much whispering among the people" concerning the king's crime, with Sir James Tyrrell implicated as the perpetrator of the deed. Others are less harmful to Richard's cause. An unknown "London citizen" accuses the Duke of Buckingham, and Dominic Mancini reports rumours of Edward's demise, but "by what manner of death, so far I have not at all discovered".

Both George Cely and the Albany cartulary suggest that the princes were killed before Richard's accession, although this may only affect the timing, rather than accusations of guilt. The book also makes reference to Richard's "determined champion" Josephine Tey, and her efforts to rehabilitate Richard. Overall, while the sources presented make many accusations of Richard's guilt much of it hearsay or politically motivated , Keith concludes that "the available evidence, of whatever character, is inconclusive".

Elizabeth Peters “The Murders of Richard III”

What would his relationship be to Richard? However, Richard's legitimacy runs from William I and Henry I, both of whom took the throne in a similiar manner, and used expedient marriage to Saxon princesses as a means of enhancing their claims. Besides, many believe Henry Tudor is a direct descendant of Caswallon, an early Celtic English king who ruled much of southern England long before the Saxons or Normans arrived.

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