Resilience and Development: Positive Life Adaptations

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Resilience and Development : Positive Life Adaptations

The Application of Resilience. Commentary: Resilience as Transactional Equilibrium; J. Rolf, J. Can we Apply Resilience? Werner, J. Applications of Resilience: Possibilities and Promise; B.

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Overview Leading experts review the research on resilience and represent the di verse perspectives and opinions found among both scientists and practi tioners in the field. Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents Prolegomena.

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Show More. This section is rich with references from the field, which may be a bit overwhelming to a novice in the area. The middle section deals with issues of measurement i. The last part provides a summary of the findings and a list of what works and what does not work. The dearth of information on intervention programs employing information from research on resilience individuals and two models are offered as examples that have shown promise the Health Realization Model and the Western Center for Drug-Free Schools and Communities.

Although many conference proceedings collections leave the reader feeling as though the articles reflect a quick trip to the local copy shop, such is not the case here. The recursiveness of the chapters, wherein earlier ideas are noted later and vice versa, strongly suggests that rethinking and synthesizing have taken place.

Positive Life Adaptations

The 18 authors in the 13 chapters cut a fine path through the resilience landscape. The first undertaking is presenting the models and definitions. The number of different definitions and models of resilience presage what will later be a criticism can such a varied term have meaning? Researchers who use the concepts of risk and protective factors or resilience are urged to see the chapter by Tarter and Vanyukov for a treatment of these terms.

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  • Resilience and Development: Positive Life Adaptations!
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The answer to why one should read this book comes through loud and clear with contributing author Karol Kumpfer's remark: Resilience is becoming an increasingly popular concept for research and application in the field of prevention. Read preview Overview.

Resilience and Development - Positive Life Adaptations | Meyer D. Glantz | Springer

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