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ISSN: Australian College of Educators ,. Four chapters lay the foundation for detailed insights into different approaches to values education. Section Three gives an account of empirical studies and some expert views.

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Subject Heading. Subject Headings Case studies Values education. James Nicholas ,. In anticipation of the fiftieth anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision in the USA, Catherine Prendergast draws on a combination of insights from legal studies and literacy studies to interrogate contemporary multicultural literacy initiatives, thus providing a sound historical basis that informs current debates over issues such as positive discrimination and high-stakes standardised testing.

Breaking with the accepted wisdom that the Brown decision was an unambiguous victory for the betterment of race relations, Literacy and Racial Justice finds that the ruling reinforced traditional conceptions of literacy as primarily white property to be controlled and disseminated by an empowered majority. Prendergast examines civil rights era Supreme Court rulings and immigration cases spanning a century of racial injustice to challenge the myth of assimilation through literacy.

Prendergast argues that it is a shared understanding of literacy as white property which continues to impact problematic classroom dynamics and education practices. To offer a positive model for reimagining literacy instruction, the author presents a naturalistic study of an alternative public secondary school. Outlining new directions and priorities for inclusive literacy scholarship in America, this book concludes that a literate citizen is one who can engage rather than overlook longstanding legacies of racial strife.

National Science Foundation ,. Parents and teachers expect different things from girls and boys. This affects how they perform, and often limits what they learn and expect from themselves. This book recommends ways to involve girls in school science. Proposals include using hands-on learning techniques in the science classroom; helping girls get past the 'yuck' factor, since science is often messy; letting girls make 'big, interesting' mistakes; starting by assuming that girls are interested in mathematics, science and technology; and making mathematics and science useful and relevant to their everyday lives.

See also overview by the author in the Washington Post 6 January Subject Headings Girls' education Science teaching. A survival guide for the first year of teaching, from the Times Educational Supplement , covering the spectrum of experience for trainee and new teachers in Britain. The content includes: study skills, planning lessons, managing behaviour and being observed; looking after yourself and managing time; job-hunting; tackling your first teaching job; and how to make the most of induction.

See TES description. The latest report of the Minister of Education on the compulsory schools sector in New Zealand also known as the Schools Sector Report. Key messages have been drawn from each chapter. They cover student achievement, engagement of students, families and communities, quality teaching, school governance and leadership, and school resourcing. On average, New Zealand students perform similarly to, or better than, international averages across a range of studies.

However, within New Zealand, there is a wider spread of achievement, with a much larger proportion of students performing at lower levels, compared with most other countries with a similar overall performance. See description in the Education Gazette. Gabbard, Kenneth J. Education as Enforcement locates a rising culture of militarism found not only in popular culture, civil society and United States foreign policy, but also in educational policy and practices.

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Considering the rise of the school security apparatus, accountability and standards movements, and the privatisation and commercialisation of education, this book is the first of its kind to highlight the intersections between militarisation and corporatisation. This volume brings together noted scholars in education to explore and challenge the ways that the imperatives of corporate globalisation are educating citizens through curriculum, policy and popular culture in the virtues of authoritarianism, while turning some schools into boardrooms, and others into barracks and prisons.

The Language of Children introduces the key theories of language acquisition and provides a historical overview of the subject. It looks at all the ways children learn to communicate, from writing and talking to playing and using computers. The publication also includes a wide variety of real texts and data, from children's hand-written stories to emails and records of babies' first words, and explores the language of children from a range of backgrounds and abilities, including deaf and bilingual children.

Subject Headings Child development Language and languages Literacy. Action Research for Educators Daniel R. This resource endeavours to simplify research methods for educators. It covers the principles and history of action research, ethical and legal considerations, how to conduct both formal and informal action research, data collection methods, data analysis and interpretation, planning and initiating action, and evaluating the results of action.

Subject Headings Education research Educational evaluation. Drawing on content from Cowley's teacher-training clinics, this handbook covers classroom management, behaviour, lesson preparation, planning, homework, time management, stress, relationships and lifestyle issues.

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Subject Headings School discipline Teacher-student relationships. The children's responses are reported in Ask the Children. The report notes that Article 28 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates the right of the child to education - in particular, that primary education should be compulsory and available free to all, and that secondary education, including general and vocational education, should be available and accessible to every child.

Some children reported that they received only one hour of education once or twice a week.

Most received only English lessons of a very rudimentary kind, in large classes made up of children and young people across a wide range of ages. See background information and the review in Inform , June Schools in disadvantaged areas are struggling in the current economic and political environment.

Like schools everywhere they are being asked to do more with less, but they face more obstacles. Examining primary and secondary schools in disadvantaged areas in a post-industrial city, Schooling the Rustbelt Kids reopens the debate about inequality in schooling. It provides concrete evidence that typical government policies in the Western world are not working, and that they are helping to create a permanent underclass.

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Thomson outlines an alternative whole of government approach to policy, which builds on those school programs that do make a real difference to educational outcomes. Thomson argues that current outcomes-based and standardised policies for disadvantaged schools are not effective. Rather schools need the flexibility to develop strategies that suit their specific situation.

The Talents of Teaching, a Reflective Practice

See also review in Practically Primary June The use and potential of online assessment is investigated in this report. It identifies the principles of quality assessment; assessment practices that can be supported with online technologies; methods and tools that work; and factors that influence choice and design of online assessment methods. The report also identifies the challenges, barriers and possible pitfalls of online assessment. Volume 1 is the main report, while Volume 2, available only in pdf format, contains the appendices.

How well has traditional teaching practice adapted for online learning? This two-volume report looks at the process of teaching and learning online, as well as the function, work and 'art' of a teacher or trainer. Brennan examines the principles and practices which underpin the pedagogy of online delivery from various vantage points, and identifies which features most assist student learning. These principles are used to analyse the current practices of online delivery of the VET courses sampled for this study.

Volume 2 contains the data and survey material used in the main report. Separate pdf files are available for Volumes 1 and 2. Peace Education 2nd Edn. Ian M. The second and revised edition of this publication looks at the meaning of peace in the post 'September 11' world, draws on the history of the concept in various traditions and looks at how peace education can motivate people to change the circumstances of their existence.

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With the help of lesson plans and learning activities, this resource provides teachers with practical ways to accommodate difference in primary and secondary classrooms. It includes specific methods for teaching mathematics and literacy to students who suffer a learning disability or who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. This book discusses strategies for assisting gifted students with distinct needs based on economic position, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic grouping, geographic situation or disability.

It covers issues relating to curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation, and ways to nurture the students' social, emotional, academic, and cognitive needs. See the publisher's description. Education of the Gifted and Talented 5th edn Gary A. Davis, Sylvia B. After a brief overview of current issues in the field, Education of the Gifted and Talented discusses issues such as the characteristics of gifted students, the problem of underachievement, the challenges of parenting and the understanding and counselling of gifted children.

Other topics include strategies for identifying gifted students, considerations in planning a sound gifted and talented program, contemporary program models, problems of minority, disabled and female students, and the evaluation of gifted programs. The unfolding of children's mental capacities plays a key role in their school performance.

This publication calls for detailed observation and description of each child's mental development rather than reliance on broad labels. The chapters cover memory, language, spatial ordering, sequential ordering, motor skills and higher thinking. Each chapter also has tips for teachers and parents that address children's learning needs.


The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching

In addtion, the publication describes six points where learning problems may occur: mastering skills, acquiring factual knowledge, accomplishing output, understanding, approaching tasks systematically, and handling the rate and number of demands. From the review in Harvard Educational Review Spring Use of the Internet has levelled off since , according to this report. The main barriers are not cost but the frustrations with the technology and the time needed to learn it. See also the report in the Washington Post. Six public school teachers in the United States describe their democratic educational projects.

These "pockets of hope" employ Paulo Freire's notions of decentralisation of power, democratic schooling, and empowerment of students and citizens. Students take an active role in solving problems that reflect real world situations. Topics include information literacy and e-learning. Contributors are listed on the publisher's website. The report raises awareness of the important economic, social and community benefits to be gained from language learning, and sets the scene for further exploration of the benefits of studying languages for students' broader educational development.

In particular, the analysis has highlighted the need for greater coordination and planning of language delivery at the local level and the need to promote and strengthen language programs in country Victoria. Children and young people learn within the context of human relationships.