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Please try again later. The Rogue Crew. Redwall Abbey has never seen a creature more evil or more hideous than Razzid Wearat. Captain of the Greenshroud, a ship with wheels that can sail through water as well as the forest, this beast is a terror of both land and sea, traveling Mossflower Country, killing nearly everything-and everyone- in his path.

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And his goal? To conquer Redwall Abbey. From Salamandastron to the High North Coast, the brave hares of the Long Patrol team up with the fearless sea otters of the Rogue Crew to form a pack so tough, so rough, only they can defend the abbey and defeat Razzid Wearat once and for all. Read an Excerpt. The Sable Quean. The devious ruler Vilaya the Sable Quean and her hordes of vermin have a plan to conquer Redwall.

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And when the Dibbuns go missing, the plan is revealed. Will the Redwallers risk their Abbey and all of Mossflower Wood to save their precious young ones? Perhaps Buckler, Blademaster of the Long Patrol, can save the day. He has a score of his own to settle. And fear not, the Dibbuns are not as innocent as they appear. On a moonless night, two rats follow hypnotic lights into the forest, never to be seen again.

Such is the power of the Doomwytes, sinister ravens led by the deadly Korvus Skurr. At the same time, the aged badger lord of Salamandastron has sent forth a haremaid, questing for his successor.

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A brownrat chieftain, with his savage horde, ravages Mossflower Country. The fate of all these creatures, good and evil, is caught up in this saga of war and destiny. The war cry thunders out across the land—Eulalia! High Rhulain. They work and wait for the day their savior will arrive?

Meanwhile, young Tiria Wildlough, an ottermaid at Redwall Abbey, pines for her chance to learn the ways of the warrior, much against the wishes of her father. So when an injured osprey arrives at the Abbey, seeking help for its wounds and carrying tales of an embattled clan of otters, young Tiria knows what she must do. View 1 comment.

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Jan 07, Leila rated it it was amazing Shelves: animal-stories , children-to-young-adult , fantasy , humour , adventure , my-wow-books. I love the Redwall books written by the late and sadly missed Brian Jacques. The novel begins with Bella the Badger telling of the plight of the creatures of Mossflower Wood many years ago before Redwall Abbey was built. They were oppressed by the evil Tsarmina the wildcat and her father.

Many twists and turns follow in the ensuing adv I love the Redwall books written by the late and sadly missed Brian Jacques. I am not keen on too many spoilers but there are many bloodthirsty battles as well as the background of woodland life with the loyalties, friendships, bravery and love among the animals. Especially enchanting are the descriptions of the many recipes of the food made from the plants and their fruits in the woods around the creatures. Do give these books a try. Brian Jacques writes exciting novels with vivid plots and excellently drawn characters both good and evil.

They can be read in order or as standalone books but I would recommend you read them in order as references are often made to previous characters in the later books. View all 3 comments. For this Redwall prequel, I decided to get the audio version on mp3 to listen to during my daily walks. What I didn't realize until I started listening was that there is so.

What is it with fantasy novels featuring animals or humans that requires so much fucking singing? Remember The Hobbit? And while it's rough enough at times to read all the songs, it's worse having to listen to it. There was a lot of eye rolling as I walked, let me just say. Before the abbey of For this Redwall prequel, I decided to get the audio version on mp3 to listen to during my daily walks.

Before the abbey of Redwall was built, familiar to readers of the first book in the series, Redwall , the land was referred to as Mossflower. That's where this prequel comes in.

The awful Tsarmina, a wildcat, is ruling the Mossflower Woods, and many are not happy with this arrangement. Martin the warrior-mouse escapes his prison cell with a buddy, and they make it their mission to overthrow the reign of Tsarmina. This is a long story Or, at least, I don't have the patience for it.

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But it's an important story in the whole Redwall series, I get that, and I did get a sort of little crush on Martin who knows how to wield his sword. That's not a euphemism, btw, because that would be gross. No, he really does have a sword.

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I grew tired of listening to the story over the course of however many walks, and I had to renew it several times from the library because I couldn't get through it quickly enough. I made the decision to get the next book in the same format because I'm a glutton for punishment, but also I really need to listen to something during my walks and these stories are better than many because there's a lot happening, they have simple plots but somewhat complex characters, and all in all it's just an easy listen.

But, really, quit it with the singing. Shelves: adventure , fiction , reviewed , humor. The plot was fun, the characters most hilarious, and the setting was… you know, a setting. There is naught to define the absolute goodness of a setting that I can think of in my current unenlightened state, but it worked well with the other aspects of the book. Dec 11, Juushika rated it it was amazing Shelves: genre-fantasy , genre-mg-and-ya , favorite-and-formative , status-owned. July Review: The second book in the Redwall series, Mossflower provides much of the backstory for that novel, recording Martin the Warrior's time spent in Mossflower wood and his battle to free the natives from the tyrannical rule of Tsarmina the wildcat.

This text shows remarkable improvement, both in style and in setting, from Redwall and even now remains one of the best books in the series. Martin is a true hero and an enjoyable protagonist, both supporting characters and villains are wel July Review: The second book in the Redwall series, Mossflower provides much of the backstory for that novel, recording Martin the Warrior's time spent in Mossflower wood and his battle to free the natives from the tyrannical rule of Tsarmina the wildcat.

Mossflower (Redwall Series #2)

Martin is a true hero and an enjoyable protagonist, both supporting characters and villains are well-developed and interesting to read, Martin's journey provides our first glimpse of Salamandastron, and the book provides much backstory to Redwall and creates a prime jumping off point for the many, many sequels and prequels that follow. Where I sometimes feel frustrated by Redwall , Mossflower is truly a delightful, enjoyable read from beginning to end. Already in this second novel, all traces of human influence are gone, creating a more complete, independent world and more intelligent characters.

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  • The religious overtones are gone as well, Jacques' writing style has matured, and he has a greater grasp of the different beings, landscapes, landmarks, and mindsets within the world that he has created. As a result, Mossflower is a complete, highly enjoyable read by an accomplished author. It moves quickly and smoothly, manages to be funny, provoking, and emotional in turn, and is a truly engrossing and enjoyable read. Jacques is, however, almost too good at filling in all the backstory to Redwall --almost every character and location in that book is explained in this one, often providing answers that are too pat.

    It comes off as scripted, and the reader can get so caught up in looking for these connections that he becomes distracted from the story itself. These pieces of backstory do provide a more complete world, and in the following books Jacques will tempter, contradict, and expand upon them, but for now they do feel forced. Mossflower really is one of my favorite books in the Redwall series to come back to and reread.

    My copy of it is proof to that--it's a bit worse for the wear. His journey to rebuild his father's sword is central to Redwall history, and it also is our first view of Salamandastron, which will become increasingly important in later books. The battles are memorable although the final battle against Tsarmina does go a bit quickly , as are the characters Skipper, Lady Amber, Mask, and Gonff all stand out in my mind.

    The is one of the books that I love to curl up and dive into, and it's prime material for getting lost in. I definitely recommend it if you're at all interested in the Redwall series, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. January commentary: Trying to find something distracting to consume hasn't been working overwell, so I reached for something comforting instead and am rereading Mossflower.

    The book was published in ; my copy was published in , but I probably stole it from a Montessori library sometime around It looks like this, now: [image error] If memory serves, the cover came to me with a small crease it was in a school library , which developed into a second crease, which tore a couple of years ago; I still use a liberated corner of the cover as a bookmark. Again if memory serves, I think the book has gone with me to two nations, two states, two schools, and about seven different residences.

    And it isn't even that good.

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    It's comparable to comfort food both because food is a recurrent aspect of the Redwall series and because it doesn't have to be objectively good to be comforting. I actually don't much care for Redwall , the first book in the series: the plot is central to the world's history, but it's distinctly a first attempt and while it contains many of the aspects which would become cornerstone to the series--puzzles, food, dialects, multiple adventures running in parallel--the setting and tone is only half there.

    In Redwall we know there are humans somewhere, building barns and horsecarts, and suddenly an abbey full of talking mice is ridiculous. Mossflower is the change into what the series would be.