Modernism’s Second Act: A Cultural Narrative

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Perhaps more paradigms have shifted and conventions been shaken by this format than any other. Related Papers. Why Publish with Palgrave. By Sara Crowley Vigneau.

The Way Things Go

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Modernism’s Second Act: A Cultural Narrative

Click here to sign up. Aaron Jaffe is concerned less with a humanist story of such things—offering anthropomorphizing narratives about recouping the items we use—as he is with the seemingly inscrutable, inhuman capacities of things for coarticulation and coherence.

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He examines the tension between this inscrutability on the one hand, and the ways things seem ready-made for understanding on the other hand, by means of exposition, thing-and-word-play, conceptual art, essayism, autopoesis, and prop comedy. Among other novelties and detritus, T he Way Things Go delves into books, can openers, roller skates, fat, felt, soap, joy buzzers, hobbyhorses, felt erasers, sleds, magic rabbits, and urinals.

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  • But it stands apart from the recent flood of thing-talk, rebuking the romantic tendencies caught up in the pathetic nature of debris defining the conversation. Jaffe demonstrates that literary criticism is the one mode of analysis that can unpack the many things that, at first glance, seem so nonliterary. He is the author of Modernism and the Culture of Celebrity. Instead of a monograph, we are left with a refreshing hybrid of scholarship, speculative criticism, and reeling proclamation to which it will be a pleasure to return.

    Is The Way Things Go a book that one should read from A to Z, as an old-fashioned book--one of the many objects that were once new and now almost forgotten? Yes, for there is an exceptional drive that makes this work a page-turner. University of Minnesota Press Coming soon. Home Current Catalogs Blog.

    An Essay on the Matter of Second Modernism

    View Cart Checkout. Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Author: Aaron Jaffe. That rare modernist book: erudite, innovative, thought provoking, and playful. A page-turner.

    Quirky yet surprisingly gripping. Related Publications The Poetry of the Possible Spontaneity, Modernism, and the Multitude The abstractions of modernism reimagined as figurations of collective self-organization.

    Selected Publications by Ira Nadel