Distant Wanderers: The Search for Planets Beyond the Solar System

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He is a regular contributor to Astronomy magazine. Since March , he has written a regular tech column for Forbes. Dorminey grew up and attended public schools in the small rural town of Ocilla, Georgia , and is a graduate of Irwin County High School and the University of Washington in Seattle. He began his print journalism career in in New York and then began reporting from Europe, primarily as a film and arts correspondent, mostly for newspaper outlets such as the International Herald Tribune , the Boston Globe , the Dallas Morning News and Canada's The Globe and Mail.

While in Europe, he also wrote political and business-related stories. Distant Wanderers: The Search for Planets Beyond the Solar System is a book, written by Dorminey, which reports on astronomical research and theory related to the search for extrasolar planets , as of the publication date of Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video!

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The cover is visually disturbing. The cover is not a good choice. Rich Minimal Serif. Justify Text. If you found a habitable planet around a relatively nearby star like Alpha Tauri, you might not send people themselves but we could code up genetic sequences and human genomes and put it on computer chips to send there.

Lovelock has written five or six books. I chose his second book, Ages of Gaia. He would say that the reason the Earth is habitable is precisely because it is inhabited.

He came to that view thinking about the faint young sun problem. This is a problem which is near and dear to my heart, because I have worked on it for a long time. We know that the solar system — the Earth and the sun — are about four and a half billion years old, and the sun, we think, was about 30 per cent less bright early in solar system history. This means that if the Earth was no different from how it is today and we have the same atmosphere and the same greenhouse effect, then the Earth would have been frozen over during the first half of its history.

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Lovelock was aware of this. CO2, along with water vapour, is our main greenhouse gas so Lovelock suggested that there was more CO2 in the early atmosphere, and then organisms took CO2 out of the atmosphere by using photosynthesis. And that counteracted the increase in solar luminosity. That is really how he came up with the Gaia hypothesis.


Bruce Dorminey

Alan works at the Carnegie Institute in Washington. He is a real political insider, so there are lots of stories in there of the politics of this whole enterprise.

For example, he writes about how NASA is continually starting up programmes and then cancelling them, and Alan is privy to much of this information. He is also a very good scientist: he does computer modelling of the formation of planets. He is much more astronomical than I am — I am more of a planetary scientist. And this book tells the story over the last decades of the development and research in this field, showing all the successes and frustrations along the way.

It came out in and that was right before I went to college.

Distant wanderers

I read that book as an undergraduate and I was fascinated, so I would say that Carl Sagan is a big influence on my work and on my thinking. This book was written first in Russian by Shklovskii, who was an astrophysicist in what was then the Soviet Union. Carl Sagan had it translated, and he thought it was a great book but he had lots of additional thoughts that he put in. So he annotated the whole thing. Your authors include the optimists and the pessimists in this debate — who is winning?

I run into a lot of pessimists these days, but it is because they have read Rare Earth , which came out about ten years ago.

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For the last 40 years or more, people like Carl Sagan and Jill Tarter, who is now head of the SETI Institute [the search for extraterrestrial intelligence], have been out there looking for intelligent life in the universe. In fact, Frank Drake, who was one of the early radio astronomers in this business and founded SETI, wrote out an equation which is often referred to as the Drake equation.

It is a way of estimating the number of intelligent communicating civilisations in the galaxy.

Sara Seager: The search for planets beyond our solar system

They have been looking for extraterrestrial life mostly using radio telescopes. When you do that you are looking for civilisations like ours that broadcast radio signals. About the Book. Distant wanderers: the search for planets beyond the solar system , Copernicus. Distant wanderers: the search for planets beyond the solar system , Copernicus in English. Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. July 22, Edited by Mek. January 11, Edited by ImportBot.