Cancer Drug Resistance (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development)

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Enhancing Drug Discovery and Development

Enter e-mail address Show Enter password Remember me. Enter e-mail address This e-mail address will be used to create your account. Reset your password. Please enter the e-mail address you used to register to reset your password Enter e-mail address. Registration complete. Biofabrication Research update 3D tumour model shows potential to improve cancer drug discovery 29 Nov Courtesy: Biofabrication Evaluating the scaffold Li and the team dissected tissue from frozen porcine lungs and decellularized them using chemicals commonly found in detergents.

Supporting growth Li seeded the millimetre-scale porcine scaffold with MCF-7 breast cancer cells, and tumouroids formed within three days. Testing treatment Finally, at 14 days post-seeding, tumouroids within the porcine scaffold were treated with the chemotherapeutic agent, 5-FU. Want to read more? Register to unlock all the content on the site. E-mail Address. Louisa Cockbill is a science writer based in the UK.

The role and mechanisms of action of microRNAs in cancer drug resistance

Biofabrication The leading journal in bioprinting and bioassembly. Read previous Soft matter and liquids Research update Biophysicists strain to reveal why wombats have cube-shaped poo.

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Related jobs. In this study, Zhou and his collaborators at Duke, MIT, and the University of Rhode Island decided to try their luck at finding a small molecule to block or inhibit Rev1. They screened 10, small molecule compounds, and were surprised to find that one -- a molecule called JH-RE -- appeared to do the trick. The researchers used a technique called x-ray crystallography to visualize the unexpected interactions between Rev1 and JH-RE They found that when Rev1 interacts with JH-RE, it pairs up or dimerizes with another copy of itself, creating a binding pocket where there wasn't one before.

When Rev1 is locked up in this dimer, it can no longer help cancer cells survive and attain their shape-shifting powers. The researchers then tested the new molecule in human cancer cell lines and showed that it enhanced the ability of several forms of chemotherapy to kill cells, while also suppressing their ability to mutate in the presence of DNA-damaging drugs.

Finally, they tested it in a mouse model of human melanoma. They found that not only did the tumors stop growing in mice treated with a combination of cisplatin and JH-RE, but also that those mice survived longer. Senior study co-author Jiyong Hong, PhD, a professor of chemistry at Duke, said that they are currently creating versions of JH-RE that have enhanced pharmacologic properties that could make it an even more attractive drug.

Overcoming Cancer Drug Resistance

Materials provided by Duke University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News.

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Story Source: Materials provided by Duke University. Journal Reference : Jessica L. Xue, Benjamin A. Hemann, Jiyong Hong, Graham C. Walker, Pei Zhou.


Cell , ; DOI: Small molecule drug may prevent chemotherapy resistance. ScienceDaily, 7 June Duke University.

A molecular glue to overcome cancer drug resistance? Retrieved September 23, from www. When they treated mice with this compound along with